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What is Xetrion Counter Manager?

Xetrion Counter Manager is a highly flexible solution for reliable sequential numbering in Lotus Domino databases.

It supports simple sequential numbering as well as complex counter strings containing fixed strings and variable parts (e.g. document fields).

Complex counter strings can count separately for each combination of parameters contained in the counter string. An example is a counter string containing current year, department and number, which counts separately for each department and should start with 1 every new year. For optimal performance Xetrion Counter Manager supports indexing for number sensitive parameters (in the above mentioned example: year and department).

Xetrion Counter Manager securely prevents that two instances (e.g. documents) get the same number. It is fast and safe for mass processing, especially in server agents.

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»System requirements

Xetrion Counter Manager is completely implemented with Domino standard design elements and does not require any extra installation. It becomes a part of your database design and thus can easily be deployed to end users.

Xetrion Counter Manager

  • can be implemented very easily in every (even existing) Domino database.
  • does not influence the native behavior or data of your Domino databases
  • does not modify any of your documents in your databases.


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